“May we, the Libyan people, share in a new spirit of
peaceful co-operation and rebuild the human capital
of our shattered homeland.”

- Basit Igtet


“We can solve the problems
of the border tribes.
Through open dialogue
we can understand
their problems and
meet their requirements.”

- Basit Igtet


“A country cannot survive
when it has become divided
by the winners and the losers”

- Basit Igtet


“The State must create
and uphold the law,
this is vital for the protection
of all Libyan citizens.”

- Basit Igtet


“After 42 years of oppression,
the young people of Libya
gave us our greatest achievements,
the February 17th revolution
and the African Championship
Football win.”

- Basit Igtet


“In a moment of weakness or loss of focus;
an honest man becomes corrupt and a winner becomes a loser.
A man – a leader, must hold firm to his vision in spite of all distractions.”

- Basit Igtet


Basit Igtet, a successful Libyan businessman and entrepreneur, has devoted his time, energy and resources to the rebirth of his beloved homeland. The descendent of a line of human rights supporters, Basit Igtet follows in both his grand father and father’s footsteps with the vision of building a free, autonomous Libya. More

A Plan For Libya

The Libyan people sacrificed to build a better Libya for themselves and their children. They rose up because of the love for their country, their hunger for dignity and their hope for greater prosperity. The Libyan people are desperate for leaders who have a credible plan to deliver the foundation of a stable, secure and supportive environment. More


Since his appointment as Special Envoy to the Libyan Transitional National Council (2011), Basit Igtet has used his wealth to support the revolution and lobbied international governments to recognize the TNC. Basit Igtet has drawn on his international network and business expertise to try to rebuild the country. More

May we, the Libyan people, share in a new spirit of peaceful co-operation and rebuild the human capital of our shattered homeland.

Basit Igtet

The vision for Libya in the next 5 years is anchored around: dignity; security & prosperity.

10 Points Action Plan

Pride in our surroundings

Pride in our homes

Pride in our work

Defend our people and defend our resources

Engage our citizens and our neighbours in shaping lasting security

Protect the Nation’s Financial Assets

Unleash our Natural Resources

Invest in Education

Invest wisely in Infrastructure

Stimulate Libyan Entrepreneurs

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