The President of the Republic of Panama announces support for the National Transitional Council

Date: 14 June 2012

Mr. Basit Igtet met with President Martinelli of Panama at the Palace of Herons. President Martinelli expressed his support for the efforts of the National Transition Council to establish a democratic Government with freedom and peace for all Libyan people.

The Panamanian people supported the efforts of the NLC and all those struggling for freedom and peace on behalf of the Libyan people. It is our sincere hope that this difficult situation is resolved quickly and that freedom lovers can celebrate a successful outcome in the near future. “

 – President Martinelli

Mr. Basit Igtet shared appreciation on behalf of the NTC, the people and citizens who also seek to build a free Libya. “Let me express my deep appreciation to you and the Panamanian people for this timely recognition. I appreciate your leadership and willingness to support this worthy cause.


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