Basit Igtet met with Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos

President Juan Manuel Santos met with delegates from the National Transitional Council of Libya. The delegation included Mr. Basit Igtet and Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

The President, Manuel Santos stated that the Libyan people deserve a government that respects human rights, freedom and democratic values.
Mr. Igtet shared the intent of the Council to protect the human rights of all Libyan citizens; and give respect to the process of building a democratic state.

“We have the eyes of the free world watching Libya. We will not let down our Colombian friends, nor the Libyan people during this process of reconstruction and reconciliation” – Mr. Igtet.

The National Transitional Council was formed to act as the political leadership of the revolution. Officially established on March 5, 2011 in Benghazi, Libya, the Council is unicameral and consists of 33 members representing various Libyan cities.


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