Statement from Basit Igtet

Date: 16 November 2013

According to reports; the attacks on peaceful protestors in the Gargour area of Tripoli have left more than 40 innocent people dead and over 400 men and women of all ages wounded. These statistics fill me with sorrow. I send my condolences to the families of the victims – they are the innocent martyrs of our country. I am praying to God Almighty that he inspires peace, helps heal the wounded and takes care of the grieving by protecting them from further evil.

There is no doubt that this situation of extreme on-going tension – especially in Tripoli – indicates clearly how the current government have failed to achieve minimum levels of security and stability. Their attempts to build a rule of law, now more than two years after the Liberation, have also failed. I have watched the state of Libya deteriorate and seen the country suffer in all areas; security, economy, society, the list goes on.. In general Libyans point the finger at Prime Minister Mr. Al Zaidan as he is in the position of responsibility. It is his weakness and inability to provide necessary solutions that has left Libya in turmoil and the Libyan people far from their dream of a free and prosperous country. It is on Prime Minister Mr Ali Zaidan’s watch that Libya has failed to reconstruct it’s military, police and security. The country is now left with no protection for it’s institutions but more importantly, no security for it’s people and their property. The government can also be held responsible for the severe delay in educational and health services as well as the continued deterioration of infrastructure and the economy. All these important aspects of Libyan society are failing.

With all this in mind, and with the interest of Libya’s evolution my primary concern, I invite Mr Ali Zaidan to offer his resignation from office and afford the Libyan people the opportunity to choose a suitable leader to help them overcome this crisis. In this delicate phase of Libyan history, I propose we let the Libyan people choose a leader to support them in the building of new constitution.

God save Libya from all evil and let God Almighty give us the strength to perform our duty.

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