Abdul Basit Igtet to stand for the Presidency of Libya

Date: 09 April 2014

My main objective is that the Libyan people should build their future on the firm foundations of a well-functioning and prosperous country. I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to bring that about is to stand as President once the new constitution is in place – when you, the Libyan people, will have the opportunity to make a democratic choice.

I believe firmly that the new President should be President of all the country – and not just Tripoli. I will therefore shortly be opening offices in five key towns outside the capital, to be able to listen and respond to all our people.

I know already how much you are concerned about security, and about basic services such as housing and roads and schools and hospitals. But the problems in one town are different from the problems in another. So, starting in two weeks time, I intend to travel round our country and learn about the views of the local people.

I will take my professional team with me. They will listen to your voice and adapt our policy plans to your immediate needs. Our priorities have to become your priorities – that is real democracy.

My Presidency will be your Presidency. Your President for your Libya.

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